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The AAE Group was founded in 1989 and has built up a fleet of 30,000 freight wagons with a market value of approx. EUR 1.6 billion in the last 25 years. AAE has been part of the VTG Group since 2015. With a total of 80,000 freight wagons, VTG is the largest private hirer of rail freight wagons in Europe.

Specialty: Wagons
for Combined Transport

Within the VTG Group, AAE focuses on the Combined Transport (CT) sector (road, rail, sea), which has especially strong growth potential.  At an average age of 15 years per wagon, AAE's fleet of freight cars is the youngest in Europe. AAE employs roughly 100 people, its headquarter is located in Baar, Switzerland, and it has customers in 24 European countries.
With innovative freight cars and services, AAE is improving the economic efficiency and performance of both its customers and of environmentally-friendly rail transport. Our services increase our customers' flexibility and independence, ensuring optimal demand fulfilment.
Pioneers in Noise Control
Our technical knowledge allows us to make a worthy contribution to the further development of freight cars and, alongside this, to improving the competitive position of environmentally-friendly rail transport. One particular focus of our innovations is in the reduction of noise emissions. In championing this, we have conducted a successful test of disc brakes in freight transport and prefer to install these low-noise and low-maintenance brakes on our newly built wagons. A few thousand AAE wagons have already been fitted with whisper brakes. In addition to using wagons fitted with disc brakes, we also use K and LL block brakes on customer request.
Full Service Offers,
Maximum Availability

At AAE, it is our customers who make the choices. They choose the wagons which best conform to their needs from one of the largest freight car fleets in Europe. They choose whether to just pay hire costs or whether to opt for our integrated full-service package, which includes all repair and maintenance tasks. Whatever they choose, what they receive is high availability. Our mobile service teams and a tight network of partner workshops in Europe, as well as comprehensive spare parts logistics, minimize downtimes and ensure maximum availability.